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Dance Research NRW / Theater Festival Impulse 2011, 4 juillet 2011, Düsseldorf

Dance Research NRW // Theater Festival Impulse 2011

Review : Dance Research NRW #1 – #6
hosted by NEUER TANZ in Marstall Schloss Benrath, Düsseldorf
4th of July 2011 // 10h00 – 18h00

On the 4th July 2011 scholars from the previous “Dance Research NRW” events will present as a group in the “Theatre Festival Impulse”. The presentation of their work and research will take place at NEUER TANZ in the Marstall of the Düsseldorf Benrath castle at the invitation of VA Wölfl. This will be followed by open discussion and discourse and is aimed at professionals, dancers, choreographers, curators but also at an interested public.

The event is free, but there are a limited number of tickets available. We ask that reservations be made by sending an email to info@nrw-kultur.de. Reservations can be made until 27 June 2011.

By late 2010 the jury – Thomas Lehmen, Bettina Masuch and VA Wölfl – had selected the first six individual and team grant recipients :

#1 : Britta Wirthmüller – Krefeld/Fabrik Heeder :
Bodies on the Edge of Reality (“Körper an den Grenzen der Realität”) : the first grant winner, Britta Wirthmüller, used her research residence in Krefeld in June and July of 2009 to investigate how reference can be made to invisible, unspeakable and unrepresentable aspects of the body. To do so she utilized various approaches to and concepts of movement.

#2 : Lea Martini – Neuss/Raketenstation Hombroich :
In October and November of 2009 Lea Martini examined the physicality of images that have shaped collective memory over several generations. Under the project title “Stirring Marylin” she conducted interviews with media theorists, advertising experts and artists and carried out artistic interventions in public spaces as a special kind of field research.

#3 : Gilad Ben Ari – Aachen :
From November 2009 to January 2010 Gilad Ben Ari completed a work residence in Aachen that lasted several weeks. There he continued his work on the research project “Vertical Partition”, by means of which he is investigating political relationships in the tension between physical motion and space. His results were presented at the Kunstquartier Hagen in the framework of the TanzRäume festival.

#4 : Alexander B. Jenkins – Hagen/TanzRäume and Kunstquartier Hagen :
Under the title “Translating the Agony in the Garden” Alexander B. Jenkins completed interdisciplinary research activities on Romanticism during his NRW residence. In work sessions that lasted several days he attempted to trace the irrational, fantasy and the naive in order to cull new performance methods from history. He also presented his results at the Kunstquartier Hagen as part of TanzRäume.

#5 : Performance Collective fanni fraktal – Bonn/Brotfabrik :
With their research project “Carnival and Speech”, in October and November of 2010 Jasmin Íhraç and the Berlin-based artist collective fanni fraktal examined phenomena that contribute to the creation of communities as they occur at public political speeches and at such ritualized traditional events as Carneval.

#6 : Felix Bürkle and Pipo Tafel – Dortmund/FAVORITEN 2010 :
With “AUTORESPONDER” Felix Bürkle and Pipo Tafel researched the potential of Web 2.0 for communication, interaction and content creation in the genesis of an experimental dance performance. They conducted their work from late September through early November and presented it as part of the FAVORITEN 2010 festival.

Dance Research NRW :
Since 2009 the NRW KULTURsekretariat has established an unusual international scholarship programme : the Dance Research NRW. It gives dancers, choreographers and performers the opportunity to work and research in NRW for several weeks.

The Kultursekretariat supports its scholarship holders through its network. It coordinates the visits as a central point of contact and mediates the meetings and discussions with artists and art institutions of very different disciplines and research facilities. A rent-free apartment for up to two people and personal support is made available. Depending on the duration and the project as well as the type and scope of the research the scholars receive a grant of up to 7,500 Euro. The results and conclusions of the research are made public in the host city. A jury consisting of Thomas Lehmen, Bettina Masuch and VA Wölfl, from 2011 Roman Arndt, Robert Steijn and Melanie Suchy select the scholars from the pool of applicants.

Mülheim an der Ruhr with its “Ringlokschuppen” and its new focus on dance and the Pina Bausch city of Wuppertal will be the 2011 host for the next “Tanzrecherche NRW”. Applications deadline : May 30th 2011 (www.nrw-kultur.de/tanzrecherche)


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