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Norway : 2 year International Masters degree in Dance studies

Norway : 2 year International Masters degree in Dance studies

•> Date limite de réponse à l’appel : 15 avril 2011

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) opens a 2 year International Masters degree in Dance studies in the autumn of 2011 in cooperation with 6 other European universities. NTNU offers around half of the content ; the rest of the content can be selected from the other cooperating universities on an exchange basis.

The cooperating universities are : The Universities of Copenhagen, Denmark, Stockholm Sweden and Tampere, Finland ; Blaise Pascal University, Clermont-Ferrand, France, Roehampton University, London, UK, and Szeged University, Szeged, Hungary.

NTNU has no tuition fees, but students do need to cover their living expenses, including housing, books, food and travel. They will be able to benefit from support from the Erasmus exchange programme when going on a semester or year exchange to partner universities.

An application form will be opened 2nd April 2011 and the deadline for applying will be 15th April 2011.

More information is available on the following website : http://www.nomads.no/
or by contacting : Lisbet Vinje <lisbet.vinje@ntnu.no> phone ; +47 73 59 64 93.


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