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NDEO’s Dance Education Literature and Research descriptive index

The National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) is accepting "dance education" theses and dissertations for inclusion in our Dance Education Literature & Research descriptive index (DELRdi).

DELRdi Now Accepts Full Text
Submit your dissertation, thesis, article or research report today !

NDEO’s Dance Education Literature and Research descriptive index (DELRdi) can now provide full text documents for its readers. NDEO accepts published articles, conference proceedings, theses, dissertations, projects, reports, and other papers pertaining to teaching and learning in dance to include in the DELRdi. Books are not included, although single relevant chapters may be. NDEO needs everyone’s help locating documents to update and expand the content of the DELRdi. The DELRdi has over 4,800 documents cited, BUT many university dance programs are still not represented at all by faculty writing or student theses/dissertations. All dance educators should be listed in the DELRdi because it is an important archive and research tool for what dance educators and dance programs are researching and writing about at any given time in history. Anyone, not just NDEO members, can submit their own work and that of colleagues and students.

If you would like to submit your dissertation, thesis, article or research to the DELRdi please go to www.ndeo.org/delrdi and follow "How to Submit" instructions. In addition, if you already have a document(s) indexed in the DELRdi and want it to include full text, please follow the above instructions.

Contact Anne Dunkin at adunkin@ndeo.org with any DELRdi questions.

The DELRdi is an index of literature and research from 1926 to the present that informs teaching, learning, and future directions of research in the field of dance education. It contains extensive descriptions of 4,800+ literary works including theses, dissertations, journal articles, conference proceedings and other reports from over 200+ different publications and organizations and 147 university dance programs. In addition to providing basic citation information, the DELRdi provides detailed descriptive information on the methodology, techniques, and characteristics of the research documented in the index. The DELRdi is the culminating product of a four-year research project supported by the United States Department of Education (2001-2005). NDEO offers a one year Library License for $850 that gives access to students and faculty via IP addresses. For more information on the Library License please contact Melissa Greenblatt at mgreenblatt@ndeo.org.


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