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Appel à communications • Free verse and Free Dance. Embodied Sense in Motion /université d’Etat de Moscou/ Octobre 2010

Departments of Philology, Psychology, and the Arts, of Moscow State University

International Conference

Free verse and Free Dance : Embodied Sense in Motion

1-3 October 2010

Deadline : 1er avril 2010

Appel :

We invite you to discuss issues of freedom in poetry and dance, taking as adeparture point early-twentieth-century avant-garde experiments. These
daring attempts in transcending the boundaries between sound, word and
physical movement influenced poetry and dance in the last century, and theystill continue in this one. Amongst possible conference topics are :

· Dance and/as poetry, poetry and/as dance : basic metaphors and
productive analogies in the history of culture. Defining and redefining
freedom in poetry and dance in cultural contexts.

· Poetic, "artificial" - as opposed to "natural" - speech, the "art"
of dance as opposed to "natural", spontaneous movement. Rhythm and
musicality in dance and movement. "Order vs. freedom" and "canon vs.
improvisation" dilemmas. Verbal gesture and gesture as replacement of words.

· The quest for new expression in poetry and plastic arts in the XIX
to XXI centuries. The disappearance of the boundary between performers and
spectators ; performativity in poetic speech and dance. The place of free
verse and free dance in the changing ensemble of the arts, in different
social and cultural contexts.

· Practices of free dance and poetry in Russia and abroad ; the new
aesthetics, its self-justification and expansion. Avant-garde experiment as
ground for building subcultures and artistic communities, alternative
life-styles, and alternative forms of trans-national cultural exchange.

· Poetry and dance practices in the post-classical cultural
paradigm - changing ideas of the subject, subjectivity, creativity,
rationality, and the body.

· Free poetry and dance in cultivating personality. The experience of
studying and teaching free poetry and free dance ; the problem of "teaching
freedom" and "curing unfreedom".

· Paradox of mass-production and commercialisation of individual
freedom. Cult of immediacy and improvisation in the age of mechanical

In addition to paper sessions and thematic round-table discussions, the
conference will include master classes in free dance, musical movement,
voice-and-movement training, sessions of vers libres, sound poetry, dance
and contact improvisation, and site-specific performances. All master
classes are open for participants. The conference venue will be the
buildings of Moscow State University, located at the historical sites of the

Organisation :

Aida Ailamazyan (Dept. of Psychology, Moscow State University,
and Centre for Music and Movement, Heptachor), Tatiana Venediktova (Dept. of Philology, Moscow State University), Julia Idlis (The Russian Reporter Magazine), Aleksandr Lobodanov (Dept. of Fine Arts, Moscow State University), Irina Sirotkina (Institute for the History of Science and
Technology, Russian Academy of Sciences, and Centre Heptachor).

Conference languages are English and Russian

Please send your proposals for papers or artistic events (up to 500 words)
to :


before April 1, 2010.



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