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Appel à articles • Dance Research Journal : Dance and Phenomenality, Critical Reappraisals

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Dance and Phenomenality : Critical Reappraisals

Date limite d’envoi : 1er Septembre 2010

INFOS : markfranko@earthlink.net

OU www.cordance.org

As a philosophy of perception and experience phenomenology’s orientation to embodiment has been influential on thinking about dance, dance making, and dance therapies. What has phenomenology contributed ? What has it obscured ? What new directions — scholarly, performative, choreographic — have emerged from it, or move beyond it ? Has the promise to “re-language” movement been realized in specific terms ? What other notions of language — writing, inscription and/or scripturality — challenge re-languaging ? How do dancers and choreographers address these questions ? Does the field of cognition studies emanating from neuroscience challenge or complement the phenomenological orientation to embodiment ? How can dance studies, specializing as it does in the theorization of corporeality and movement, address technological interfaces with the body, affect, and non-representational space emergent in digital technologies, new media theory, and geographies of relational space ? Can dance theory and practice enable new readings of the most influential texts in the phenomenological tradition (Henri Bergson, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, Maxine Sheets-Johnstone, Hubert Godard, and Vilem Flusser, among others) ? We are calling for papers on these and related issues that emphasize new critical perspectives.

Final deadline for submissions : September 1, 2010

Approximate length : 6,000 words (not including notes & bibliography)

Inquiries to : markfranko@earthlink.net


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