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Appel à communications • Transmissions and Traces : Rendering Dance, 19-22 octobre 2017, Ohio (USA)

CORD+SDHS Joint Annual Conference
Transmissions and Traces : Rendering Dance

October 19-22, 2017
The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA

•> Deadline for Submissions : February 15, 2017

The conference programming committee invites proposals for papers, panels, roundtable discussions, lecture-demonstrations, movement workshops, dance works, and screendances that address the question of how dance is transmitted across time, locations, contexts, and media, and the implications of this transmission in and outside the dance field. We invite proposals that engage the following questions and topics :

How is dance transmitted ? By what corporeal and incorporeal means does it extend its reach ? In what ways do dance forms and practices travel, and what residues do they leave behind, marking the event of their passing ? How and why might some dance forms resist working in more common modes of transmission, desiring to reach some audiences and not others ? When is this a practice of resistance and when might it be a practice of maintaining hierarchies ? What is transmitted through dance—what histories, legacies, cultural values, theories of the body, etc.? How does dance materialize and re-materialize in different contexts ? How does pedagogy evolve ? What is the role of legacy ? What are the stakes of different forms of transmission, and who benefits from these different forms of circulation ?

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For more information about the Congress on Research in Dance : www.cordance.org
For more information about Society of Dance History Scholars : www.sdhs.org

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