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Appel à contribution • The Journal of Movement Arts Literacy

Call for Papers - The Journal of Movement Arts Literacy

•> Date limite : 1er août 2013

The Journal of Movement Arts Literacy (ISSN : 2328-3602) is welcoming article submissions. Please submit your manuscript to our Editorial team at http://digitalcommons.lmu.edu/jmal/.

The Journal of Movement Arts Literacy (JMAL) is an international, peer reviewed, open-access academic publication that serves to promote the scholarly study of movement arts literacy for the purposes of supporting development of pedagogy, theory, application, practice, and research of human movement. Focus on movement is especially aimed toward, but not limited to, inquiry into aesthetic, scientific, and cultural understanding of movement arts using movement-based literacy as a tool to generate, investigate, analyze, and frame understanding.

JMAL welcomes submissions of articles that focus on movement notation, movement analysis, body-mind cognition, pedagogy, movement theory, and research integrating these subjects. These areas of inquiry may relate to the art and science of performance practice, cognition, creative practice, pedagogy, movement arts, movement skills, movement as aesthetic and cultural expression, performance documentation and analysis, and dance studies. Movement literacy is at the heart of this journal. The literacy of movement can be understood in two ways : (1) the meaning making and construction of knowledge in, about, and through movement, and (2) movement being represented by a symbolic system, which can then be translated back to movement from the symbolic depiction. For purposes of this journal, the term movement literacy has a broad multi-dimensional meaning that supports the exchange of text/symbolic–based information about movement.

This journal rests on the foundation of research presented in journals such as Dance Notation Journal and Choreography and Dance : An International Journal, and work by practitioners of the Laban Institute of Movement Studies, the Laban Guild, Integrated Movement Studies, Eurolab, and Choreological Studies. The editors of this journal pay homage to prior research and invite submissions to build a repository that will share new research and reprints of seminal articles from past journals in an open-access academic publication.

· FEATURE ARTICLES – These papers must be original research of international relevance and include a clear research methodology and/or application and analysis of movement arts literacy. Papers should be aimed to not exceed 8000 words, including References.

· FORUM ARTICLES – Forum articles stimulate debate in the movement arts literacy community. They should be short contributions up to 4000 words offering conceptual advice, opinion, or response to previous articles, or identifying gaps in knowledge. We welcome items that develop dialogue between theory and practice. The Journal encourages forum contributions organized around a cogent theme.

· PRACTITIONER’S PERSPECTIVE – These articles aim to bridge the gap between research and the actual practice of movement arts literacy. They provide a platform for individuals to present their personal views on the direction of movement arts literacy. Contributions should be less than 4000 words.

· UNDERGRADUATE ARTICLES – These high quality papers are similar to Feature Articles, but the editors encourage undergraduates to submit work that reflects inquiry into research and reflective practices being explored by developing scholars in the nascent stages of their writing endeavors.

Author Guidelines
Because JMAL is published electronically via bepress, a wider array of representational forms and formats are possible than in print. These include video, music, and pictorial as well as text. Detailed guidelines about the journal’s own style guide can be found on the website under Policies at : http://digitalcommons.lmu.edu/jmal/policies.html.

Submission deadline : August 1, 2013. Articles will be published in Volume 1 (2013) immediately upon final approval. Articles submitted after August 1st will be considered on a rolling basis.

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