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Colloque • Dialogues between Theatre and Neuroscience, 6-7 juin 2013, Rome

Fifth International Conference - Dialogues between Theatre and Neuroscience

promoted by Clelia Falletti, Luciano Mariti and Giovanni Mirabella
organised by Gabriele Sofia and Victor Jacono

6-7 June 2013

Ex Vetrerie Sciarra, via dei Volsci 122 (San Lorenzo), Rome


For the fifth consecutive year, the Sapienza University of Rome will host artists, performers, directors, scholars and neuroscientists, coming from various European and American centres of research for the International Conference Dialogues between theatre and neuroscience.

Fields range from theatre anthropology to neuroaesthetics, from studies on empathy to research into intersubjectivity, via investigations into the motor basis of cognition, into memory, emotion, mirror neurons and into alternative forms of therapy. In which ways can disciplines change through interdisciplinary encounter ? In which ways can knowledge from theatre influence studies in neuroscience ? In which ways can information and paradigms from neuroscience modify theatre cultures at both the performative and academic levels ? These topics will be the focus of two days of dialogue, debate and contaminations, enriched by an evening performance/presentation, which will be held at the Piccolo Eliseo Patroni Griffi theatre on Thursday, 6 June.

info : www.dass.uniroma1.it

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