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Appel à contribution • Hybridity : The intersections between Performing Arts and Science,

The International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media (IJPADM) is seeking contributions to a special issue on Hybridity : The intersections between Performing Arts and Science

Issue Editors : Mary Oliver (University of Salford) and Eirini Nedelkopoulou (York St. John University)

•> Date limite : 1er mai 2013

At the McTaggart lectures in 2011, Erik Schmidt, Chief Executive of Google proposed that the next great innovations in the digital field would only come if the ‘luvvy’ and the ‘boffin’ begin to work together. Artists have long been experimenting with and working alongside different scientific fields, trying to explore the potentiality of such exchanges ; indeed new and applied technologies have often been implicitly embedded in these collaborative ventures. Productive interactions between performance and engineering, mathematics, neuroscience, biology and computer science bring to our attention the question of how science(s) nourish(es), move(s) and change(s) performance and performance studies.

This special issue engages with Erik Schmidt’s challenge asking potential contributors : how can we use such collaborations between performance and science to expand the performance paradigm towards applications that are world changing ?

The International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media is dedicating an entire issue on new interdisciplinary connections and intersections between performance and science, as a creative and practical tool that expands and supports the creative endeavors of digital practices in art and performance, and also as a critical framework to discuss and apprehend the impact of digital media arts on the human experience.

This timely discussion, prompted largely by developments in new media technologies and the interpretation of performance as an expansive medium, will highlight the growing number of collaborative interdisciplinary relationships that are taking place with a wide spectrum of the sciences.

All submissions will be given due consideration. They could include (but are not limited to) the following areas of investigation :

  • Physical performance and Geometry : The (re)configuration of space.
  • Moving from corporeality into the virtual and vice versa.
  • Arts and Neuroscience : New interpretations of human perception through interactive performance.
  • Theatre and Engineering : The impact of new communication systems on the development of new performance paradigms.
  • Performance and Medicine : The potentialities of accessing, ‘transforming’, and ‘modifying’ the human body.
  • Biology and Performing Bodies : The reformation of the performer’s ‘identity’ and ontology. The living and semi-living and their ethical implications.
  • Audience Participation and Computer Science : Burgeoning virtual communities. The end of physical participation ?

Essays should be between 5,000 and 8,000 words, and include images as appropriate. We are seeking essays authored by practitioners, researchers and scholars. Co-authored articles are also welcome.
Please submit your essay, formatted according to Intellect style by 1st May 2013.

Special issue is out on 1st September 2014.

Essays should be emailed to both : m.oliver@salford.ac.uk and eirininedel@gmail.com .

All articles should be formatted in relation to this Style Guide, articles not following this standard may be rejected : http://www.intellectbooks.co.uk/MediaManager/File/style%20guide%28journals%29-1.pdf

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