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Conférence • Somatics and Technology, 22-23 juin, Chichester

Somatics and Technology Conference

The first conference of its kind in the UK to disseminate a spectrum of digital arts linked with the Somatic, this event will integrate advanced critical and theoretical perspectives. Through keynote presentations, papers, roundtable discussions led by keynote speakers, a series of workshops and an art exhibit, the conference offers the opportunity for both practical and theoretical understanding of its theme.

The conference is hosted by the University of Chichester, with its unique woodland setting, spacious facilities and relaxed atmosphere, and will take place on Saturday 23rd June, preceded by a Working Groups day on Friday 22nd June.

Nancy Stark Smith will be conducting The Global Underscore, an annual event during which dancers at many sites around the world practice the Underscore simultaneously.

•> http://somaticstechnologyconference2012.com/

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